Final Portfolio Binder

1. Personal cover page on Binder.
2. Unit Template (11-pages).
3. Rubrics (Product and Presentation) after Stage 2
4. Syllabus after Stage 3
5. Six Lesson Plans on UMF Template - After each lesson include all attachments pertaining to each lesson.* Include the student sample of the lesson you presented.

*Attachments - Teacher Notes, PowerPoint, Wikis, Blogs, Syllabus, Webquest, Handouts, Assessments, Performance Task, Rubrics, Quiz, Test, Worksheets, Homework Assignment, etc…

6. WebQuest and Student Sample (Dr. Theresa).
7. Alignment Sheets - Stage 1 (page 2) and Stage 2 (page 3).
8. Reflections (MI, DI/UbD, FIAE) include the synthesis presentation (2)

9. Upload zip file to class wiki of the entire portfolio. Also upload the zip file of your WebQuest separately.

Lesson Plans/Peer Review Process and Lesson Presentation

Six lesson plans w/attachments (10 points each)
(Wiki Templates of unit and lessons need to be current) 60 points

Peer Review Process/Feedback/Lesson Presentation 30 points

Total: 90 points